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Is He Boyfriend Material? Ask These Two Questions

Originally posted on James Michael Sama:

Sometimes when I receive emails from or have discussions with women regarding their current boyfriend or a guy who they are thinking of becoming exclusive with, one thing seems to be apparent to onlookers, but missed by the person in the relationship.

There is a big difference between liking someone, and liking the idea of someone.


I think we have all been there. We begin to miss an ex or become excited about someone new. But are we really missing the ex, or are we missing the things we did and had with them? Are we really excited about this new person, or are we just enjoying the companionship which we could get from anyone who texts us nice things and compliments us?

A lot of times when I ask a woman what it is she likes about someone she is seeing, there are many times where the answers are…

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For A Happier Relationship, Do This Daily

Originally posted on James Michael Sama:

I often receive emails or Facebook messages from readers – not all of which I have the time to answer. I do my best to read through them though, and one had stuck out to me in the past.

It was from a female reader who wanted input on her relationship. One of the lines in the message said: “I think at some point I want what every other girl wants. A boyfriend that makes her feel like she matters.”


At some point? At some point? As if to imply that up until that elusive some point, whenever that may be, it is acceptable to have a boyfriend who doesn’t make you feel like you matter?

No. Just…no. The very foundation of a relationship is love. Appreciation. Respect. Trust. Affection. All of which need to be mutual and all of which make someone feel like they matter. If…

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Keira Knightley Military Chic For Glamour

Originally posted on Papiki:

The Imitation Game‘ leading lady Keira Knightley covers the November issue of GlamourUK magazine (Checkout the cover here). For her editorial, taken by photographer Karen Collins, the 29-year-old actress is military chic in luxe designs by Vivienne Westwood, Pucci, Fendi, Chanel, Lanvin, Agent Provocateur, Manolo Blahnik and Rokit.

Photos Via TFS

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Charcoal & Black Stripe Maxi Mermaid Dress

Charcoal & Black Stripe Maxi Mermaid Dress

There is nothing more beautiful, at the same time, mystifying than the intrigue behind the existence of Mermaids. That is the same feel the Maxi Mermaid Dress projects. This season-less number will bedazzle not only those who wear it, but also those who chose to look. It is made from bamboo jersey that is known for creating a slimmer silhouette, outlining your curves and highlighting your confidence. No matter what height you are, you can adjust the Maxi Mermaid Dress to a longer or shorter length…

Available Now ~ Size XS to Plus 2


Love Nikki xoxo

Photographer:  Jacqueline K Photography

Model: Miranda Leigh

NYFW Days 6 and 7 Spring/Summer 2015

Originally posted on MyStyleDaily:

So many amazing collection happened on Tuesday and Wednesday of New York Fashion Week, but the collection that most excited me was Michael Kors. I have been a fan of Kors for years, and in his latest collection I can honestly say I loved every singe look. His vision encompassed every woman no matter the style or size.

Michael Kors Spring 2015-5Michael Kors Spring 2015-4Michael Kors Spring 2015-3Michael Kors Spring 2015-2Michael Kors Spring 2015-6


At MBMJ, it was all about the modern interpretation of 90’s punk rock. I particularly loved the sleek lurex tights and undershirts.

MBMJ Spring 2015-1MBMJ Spring 2015-2MBMJ Spring 2015-3MBMJ Spring 2015-4

Alice + Olivia

The Alice + Olivia presentation seemed like two very different collections in one. While most of the time editors frown on this, I actually liked the variance in the looks. I loved the full floral skirt paired with a white a blue striped blouse.

Alice + Olivia Spring 2015-4Alice + Olivia Spring 2015-3Alice + Olivia Spring 2015-2Alice + Olivia Spring 2015=1

Reem Acra

If I could describe Reem Acra’s collection in two words it would be “Radiantly Glamorous” Her use of fabrics really…

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7 Reasons Good Guys Win In The End

Originally posted on James Michael Sama:

To say “nice guys finish last” is to display a fundamental misunderstanding of what a “nice guy” is or what “finishing last” means. If you mean that a good guy finishes last because he always puts his woman first, then you are correct.

But the reality is, it’s not the nice guy who finishes last, it’s the boring guy. It’s the timid guy. And, in reality, it’s also the “bad boy” who finishes last because they usually ultimately fall short when it comes to providing women with the satisfying and fulfilling relationship that they are looking for.

The good guy will win in the end, and here are seven reasons why.



A good guy can be trusted.

Above attraction, above sex appeal, above all else in a relationship, comes trust. You can’t love someone you don’t trust, you can’t expect to be cared for by someone you don’t trust, and…

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Jennifer Lopez Rocks Versace For ELLE

Originally posted on Papiki:

Booty‘ diva Jennifer Lopez covers the October issue of ELLEUK magazine (Checkout the cover here). For her editorial, lensed by Txema Yeste, the 45-year-old ‘American Idol‘ judge is the quintessential Versace high-class hooker in signature high-voltage sexy creations strictly from the Italian fashion house.

Photos Via TFS

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