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The Aphrodite  & The HipSkirt (worn as a head-wrap)

Our definition of ‘Feminine’, beautiful, intoxicating and uplifting,

Thank-you Brianna ~ Our beautiful model xo

Being a designer does not only mean having a pen and paper to draft your masterpiece or having a trusty sewing machine by your side at all times. Being a fashion designer also means connecting with individuals from different walks of life. These people make you who you are in the industry and that is why I see to it that I value them with the utmost care one can ever give.

My favorite story to tell about this design, though, is how it can be your best friend when you’re travelling by plane. Just pack this piece in a purse and when it gets cold, take it out and wrap it around you. When you finally get to your destination, put it on as a skirt before you alight, and voila! You’re a masterpiece that just happened!

 Of the many things that I like talking about when I am with my clients is how beautiful fabrics are. I adore Bamboo and as much as I appreciate the softness of this garment against my skin, I also enjoy talking about it and convincing people to love it the same way as I do. How do I introduce them to it? Simple! Let them touch the cloth itself!

 When people see how versatile Bamboo is, they are quite astonished. Who wouldn’t anyway? As soon as this piece of cloth is unpacked from your cramped up suitcase, just hang it for an hour and the wrinkles magically disappear! Abuse it, throw it in your washing machine, and I guarantee, the colors will remain as vibrant as before! Not to mention that this garment is already pre-shrunk so you can use hot or cold water, high or low dryer, and it will–get this–NEVER lose its stretch and will not bag out.

 What I love most about my clients is that they come in all shapes and sizes. The variety inspires me to come up with different designs!



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5 Steps To Becoming More Charismatic

Originally posted on James Michael Sama:

When it comes to dating, one of the more desirable qualities a man can possess is what most of us would call charisma. But charisma is more of an umbrella term that encompasses a collection of different habits and qualities, rather than just being a self-standing one on its own.

In our quest as men to develop into the best version of ourselves, charisma and likability plays a vital role in our social and professional success. Needless to say, a large area of this arena is dating and relationships.

So, with emphasis on this particular topic, how can we be sure others will use this word when describing us?


Become a great storyteller.

Do you ever find yourself telling someone a story or explaining a situation and you notice it looks like their eyes have glazed over and you’re not quite sure if they’ve actually fallen asleep? Anyone with this insecurity…

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Circle Craft Summer Market 2014



Circle Craft and the Craft Council of BC are pleased to announce their second annual Summer Craft Market! July 24-27th, join us at Jack Poole Plaza (next to the Olympic Cauldron). 88 artisans from throughout BC will be showcasing their handmade work – ranging from wood, glass, jewelry, leather, fine art, and ceramics and home décor.

 Second Annual Summer Craft Market

 July 24th -27th

           Location: Jack Poole Plaza, Vancouver.

Right beside the Olympic Cauldron and beside the Vancouver Convention Centre.

88 Artisans including 37 new exhibitors

 See You There !!

Nikki xoxo

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10 Qualities Of A Desirable Man

Originally posted on James Michael Sama:

In a society flooded with articles, social media updates, dating advice magazines, and hardly ever enough mental down-time to slow down and reset – we are left overloaded on information about “what to do,” but hardly enough insight on who to be.

Especially as men, all of the “advice” out there is how to talk to women, how to approach them, how to treat them – and you will find many of those articles on this website, as well. But regardless of what you do or what you say, the thing that will speak the loudest for the longest is who you are.

So when our goal is to become a man who women want to be around without persuasion, how do we approach it?



A desirable man is well-spoken.

One of the qualities I have worked the hardest to develop in myself is the ability to speak effectively…

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In Memory of Gianni Versace



December 2, 1946 – July 15, 1997

“I am not interested in the past, except as the road to the future”

Gianni Versace is one of the most colourful and talented designers of the late 20th-century.

Versace became internationally renowned for ultra-glamorous creations as well as theatrical costumes and innovative menswear design.

Gianni Versace was one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. In less than twenty years he had created an international company and forged an unrivalled reputation for luxury and glamour.

He combined exquisite dressmaking with a brazen defiance of the rules of fashion.

Versace’s couture designs were instantly recognisable.


Info from Victoria and Albert Museum




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Change Your Identity To Change Your Life

Originally posted on James Michael Sama:

On my constant quest for self-improvement, and knowledge related to it, I frequently find myself coming across pearls of wisdom that I am motivated to share with you all.

On the topic of dating and relationships, it is often said that “we accept the love we think we deserve,” and often do not receive anything more, because we end up settling.

But what is the deeper route of this issue? When we think of it as our “identity,” we can start to uncover patterns and start working to change them.


For example – let’s say you are trying to quit smoking. You may define yourself as a smoker until X amount of days after your last puff. If you still see yourself in this light, you will be more susceptible to going back on your commitment to yourself because, well, you are a smoker after all.

But what if you…

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8 Signs You Are Being Played

Originally posted on James Michael Sama:

We have discussed 8 signs of a toxic relationship, where some often-overlooked abusive tendencies came into light for many people. Tendencies that we brush off in modern society as “normal” or “just the way things are.” In reality – we need to help our peers recognize signs of positive and negative relationships so we can improve the health and happiness of those around us.

There is another layer to this problem – a layer that is not as blatantly toxic, but still harmful to our psyche and self-confidence; if our partner is playing us.

If you are being played, it will feel like you are being emotionally toyed with or led on without any real intention of building a relationship with you. Everyone who does this will have their own reasons, but let’s explore what it might look like.



Nothing ever moves forward.

Anyone who wants a long…

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