The Five Must-Have Shoes


They say that one can never have too many shoes. I totally agree with this saying, but unfortunately, not all of us have money to burn like Imelda Marcos and buy all the shoes we want. I’ve had my share of experience of walking away from a pair of shoes that I wanted to own so badly. I have bills to pay and a family to feed and much as I would like to indulge myself ever so often with a pair of shoes, it is a luxury that I simply cannot afford to do. For practical reasons, I only get to buy shoes that I actually need, and not just want. So to satisfy my longing, I did a little research and went window shopping online for the five shoes every girl needs to survive and get by in this world. These shoes are classics and will not go out of style. And if you’re a shopaholic and can’t seem to stop buying every darn shoe you see on sight, this will serve as a guide to free yourself from the temptation of overindulging.

The classic black pumps is the go-to shoe of every career girl because it projects a professional, elegant, and understated look. Another serious investment is a really good pair of either knee-length or mid-calf leather boots. Inclement weather notwithstanding, these boots are versatile and can be worn even if it is no longer snowing. For casual and intimate affairs, pair off a sexy dress with a pair of strappy sandals. This killer combo is perfect when you are out on a date with someone special. A pair of ballet flats (in a nice print or a solid color) should also be a staple in your wardrobe and should be used for running errands. You can also do with a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes for going out somewhere where you’ll be doing a lot of walking or some other physical activity that you wouldn’t normally do if wearing any other shoes.

So there you have it in a jiffy! I’m pretty sure a lot of women out there won’t be content with owning just 5 pairs of shoes. I know I can’t live with just 5, but it sure can be fun to at least try!


Nikki ♥

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