Time to B Sun Kissed

nikkibabie_VoodoKini_ink nikkibabie_Voodokini

VoodooKini, Jupe de Fringe, Fringe Scarf

Fashionistas! … Its Time To B Sun Kissed …

I dream of sunny days! A cocktail of Pina Colada, with the mini paper umbrella stabbed cruelly on that ripe mango, rose-tinted glasses, it can never get any better than this! Ooh la la! It’s time to be sun kissed!

Sunlight is my natural cure. I adore the warmth of the morning sun on my body as it awakens every sleeping cell down to my core. It livens up my day! You know, I read in this amazing book that the sun does not necessarily cause the skin to wrinkle and age. The sun draws out body toxins from the skin. It also stimulates cell re-growth, which actually makes you look younger and keeps your skin wrinkle free. Now those who spend hours and hours under the ray turn to human raisins!

That is toxic. When a body is toxic, what the sun draws out are the unnatural substances and display it in the surface for the world to see.

The sun helps cleanse and detoxify your system, revealing an Aphrodite in you. Just remember that in order to spend a lot of time in the sun, it is best to find out if you are toxic free, nutritionally sustained with all the good oils and fats derived from your diet.

Just remember not to overdo it, ok? Always bear in mind, my dear, that too much of something is bad! Well, not really. In the case of the VoodooKini, too much of skin leaves a feast for the others’ eyes! 15 minutes of sun is beneficial. However, how do you maximize the 15 minutes? Go bare beyond compare! The VoodoKini covers just enough to not get cuffed and tossed in jail for indecent exposure!!! ♥ Step in and out of your Jupe de Vie o rJupe de Fringe and all bases are covered ; )

Oh! And one more thing, I don’t use sunscreen. I find it, well…artificial. What I use is organic coconut oil. Yeah, it’s a bit work since you have to re-apply it after every swim BUT, the results are flawless, and the shimmer on your skin will turn you sizzling hotter than the sun itself!

Time to flaunt my dear!
Nikki ♥

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