Bamboo Aphrodite

Hey there Fashionistas!

It’s all about the attitude these days! The spunk! That look the screams, “I am independent, I am artsy, and!” What can best exude that confidence other than this black Aphrodite Top? This exquisite piece of beauty can be worn in 3 different ways: a beach cover up, a flirty cocktail dress, and a tunic top to compliment a crazy jeans or leggings. It also comes in a variety of colors: Ink Black and Eggplant, for the conservative; and Garnet and Fungi for the adventurous.

Now let’s talk about those leggings. It’s all around Tokyo, Japan and is slowly becoming a worldwide trend! Its eccentricity will definitely accent the Ink Black Aphrodite mini dress by creating a feast of colors for your eyes!

To complete your bohemian/hipster/elegance-with-a-twist look, top it up with a cuff from Fiona Paxton and a feisty boot from Giuseppe Zanotti. The cuff will ignite the whole get-up with its golden, dazzling number and the boot will give you a good towering advantage over everyone!

This combination works well together, that you don’t need to tap that person in front of you to get their attention: they’ll simply look to admire!


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