Fashionista Rules #1 SPOIL THY SELF FIRST


Fashionista Rules

Be the best U can be, The better you look, the sexier you will feel, and the more desirable you will become. Try to wear figure flattering fashionable, sexy clothes that accentuate the feminine U!

Fashionista Rule #1: SPOIL THY SELF 1ST.

Always strive to look elegant & feminine – ya know, stirred not shaken. Buy a few designer classics and mix them with cheap & cheerful (don’t be shy about taking on H&M). Treat yourself to pedicure and of course a makeover at Mac or Bobbi Brown doesn’t hurt! Pay close attention to what colors work for you and especially how the makeup artist is applies them. One big secret…sssssh!!
B L E N D …

Most important …
Being a Fashionista is totally a state of mind. It’s an attitude, a sense of confidence and radiance that permeates your being from head to toe. It’s how you light up a room with that sultry style.


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