New Aged Medicine Man …


….after kundalini yoga training @ Warrior Coaching and Fitness my trainer took me and a Realtor Leona Wallace of “Agents in Motion”, to consult with what I can only describe as a “New Aged Medicine Man”. (Don Ward)  By simply taking my pulse and looking into my eyes this man was able to diagnose different ailments in both of us. AND we walked away with clarity, understanding and solutions for what he discovered about each of us.


Pure Maple Syrup: It doesn’t matter which brand you use, just make sure it says “pure” maple syrup, with a #3 or 4 on the label.
Mix it at a 3:1 ratio with aluminum free baking soda, on low heat in a double boiler.
When it is mixed, you take 1 teaspoon, 2x daily for two months.

This will cover many many illnesses, especially those that are fungal related and it has been know to be given to really make a difference.

I have noticed a difference within my own body !
I LOVE Don’s “Cellular Energy “ ! Check it out …

Don C. Ward CT, NT,
1 250 753 9106
Nanaimo,B.C. Canada

p.s. Stir like mad before tasting & its ddddelicious !


* These recipes are posted by Nikki Babie for Nikki Babie’s own use.
I have posted on Blogg, for easy access when I travel. I am able to quickly refer back to recipes.

Syurp & Soda (above recipe) is the first option, Molasses & Soda is the second option to use at a much later date when your willpower has kicked in for over 9 months…

Anti-Yeast Buster
2 teaspoons aluminum free baking soda
1 teaspoon Molasses
1 cup H20
* warm H20, add baking soda until dissolved
*add Molasses
*stir and drink 2 x daily
* after one week double dosage
*maintain double dose for as long as U wish

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