Vancouver Islands 2nd Secret ….


Oh Fashionistas … another Vancouver Island Secret…..

Life is so full of unique offerings, I’ve been on a life changing health kick for the past few months and the deeper I dig, the more I discover.

Here is one of many new tricks that must be shared to all my wonderful friends…

Found in the coastal region of British Columbia, this rare deposit of more than 40 minerals, making it one of the finest glacial marine clay’s yet discovered in the world.

Clay Masks:
• improving circulation
• detoxifying,
• exfoliating
• tightens up wrinkles, leaving skin soft, and super alive

The Clay has a bio-stimulant effect on the cells:
• accelerates physiological processes
• increases cell division in surrounding tissue
• It’s the perfect balancing and revitalizing agent
• Glacial marine clay slows the effect of aging on the skin surface, rejuvenating its tired complexion and renewing the skin’s elasticity

…. So love this:
Glacial marine clay cannot be produced synthetically!!

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Information taken from website:

The infinitesimal size of its particles have an amazing absorptive ability and net negative ion charge which attract most positively charged bacteria, thereby detoxifying and deep cleansing the skin.

One of the leading scientists, from the United States of America, He stated,

“You have in British Columbia, a natural product which has no parallel in the world today.

I am perfectly prepared to put my reputation as an international scientist at stake in saying that this product is unique in every way”.

Another expert in clay, a professor of analytical chemistry at the University of British Columbia stated,

“The clay contains rare elements and rare earths”.

Medical doctors and naturopathic practitioners are currently recommending clay’s of different types for a host of ailments and conditions, with extremely encouraging results.

Ancient people’s of various civilizations (including First Nations) were well aware of the benefits of natural clay’s and used them extensively.

The local grizzly bears and other indigenous animals instinctively use the glacial marine clay and sediments for healing a host of injuries by rolling and laying in it.

Veterinarians in North America and Europe who have tried clay on animals are very impressed with the results, some of which have been spectacular

Love Nikki

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