Fanatic Fashionistas,

Are you a social media fanatic? Is your every life’s milestone documented on your TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM account? Well, this topic is just for you!

Have you seen this sign embedded before words: “#”? Yep. The HASHTAG. According to the urban dictionary, the hashtag is a means for people to search for any topic you’re probably talking about. Take for example on Twitter, you wished to talk about the weather. You can go ahead and type: “So loving the #weather for today.” If someone surfs around Twitter and searched for the word “weather,” your Tweet would appear. Amazing right?

In light of the Hashtag, have you seen #OOTD on Instagram? OOTD is an acronym for Outfit Of The Day. Believe me, it’s already people’s habit! They would take a photo of themselves and type “#OOTD” and it’s fantabulous! I just love seeing people’s get up every day! It tells so much of who they are, what they are doing with their life, their beliefs, and their whole personality!

It’s wonderful! Definitely a rave! All you have to do is scroll through Instagram and voila! It’s like a fashion show!

So what are you wearing today? Let’s see you’re OOTDs!

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