The Real Cinderella In Manolo Blahnik



It is such a crying shame if you do not know Sarah Jessica Parker. Why, of course, we’re talking about the actress who brought to life THE Carrie Bradshaw! Whether this maiden plays her alter ego or just her plain self, we all know that her persona—her mere existence—is an endowment to the world of fashion!

Who could ever forget her array of stunning, elegant, and classy high heels? Fifteen years ago, this Sex and the City deity has started flaunting these to-die-for stilettos and they are all Manolo Blahnik—her fairy godfather, whose works got all women from different walks of life drooling to have at least a pair! Oh, how I would kill for those!


Now to make things more fairy tale-lish to this quirky charmer, Manolo Blahnik decided to team up with her and bring to life her very own shoe line! They have baptized their dreamy brain child as SJP and signed an exclusive partnership with Nordstrom. The line will be available next year and they’re all within the price range of $200 – mid $300.

What’s great about this shoe line is how SJP values comfort. She perfectly understood the price everyone pays for beauty in the form of pumps and stilts that’s why apart from the style and the optical pleasure this line brings, it aims to transport women’s soles to wonderland. Interesting, right?

The line also ambitiously wanted to deviate from the norm of neutrals. That’s goodbye white, black, and brown! Sarah wanted navy blue and mauve and other nontraditional colors to take the spotlight and redefine neutral. So adventurous that it’s stylish!

Well, we’re all waiting for it, aren’t we? 2014 is near and here’s another thing to look forward to!


Nikki ♥

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