Going Pixie


(Photo by http://www.alanworsfold.com)  (nikki babie designs ~ modal mesh tee)


The internet went a little crazy a couple of days ago when Jennifer Lawrence, star of the hit franchise The Hunger Games, posted a photo of herself sporting new hair. She traded in her long blonde locks for a pixie cut which is a big departure from her, since we always see her wearing her long flowing tresses ever since she made her debut on the big screen. Lawrence is living proof that short hairdos are just as sexy as long ones—if not more so. Lawrence isn’t the only one to make the shift from the long hair to the pixie cut. Before her, actresses Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway have made splashes by going the short hair route.

If you wish to have the pixie cut but are having second thoughts because you are unsure of the effect it’ll have on your face, here are a couple of guidelines: the rule of thumb is to tailor the haircut according to your face shape. The most important thing to consider when it comes to short hair is the face shape. One cut definitely doesn’t fit all. If you have a heart-shaped face, then you’re lucky as you can do pretty much anything with it. If you have a long face or big forehead, you need something with less volume and more hair swept over the face. If you have a rounded face, the hair should have more volume on top with a longer length.

However, these tips can only help you so much. Ultimately, it depends on the hands of your stylist. Don’t walk in the salon and just say, “I want a pixie cut.” Be reminded that not all short hair is pixie because we are used to referring to any short haircut as “pixie.” Pixie actually means the shortest, tightest, closest-to-the-skull cut. It’s always safe to bring in lots of pictures so that your stylist will know what exactly you have in mind for the hair. Before you make the final appointment, make a separate one for a consultation, just to be on the safe side. Don’t schedule a hair appointment on a Friday evening or Saturday, which tends to be the busiest times; you certainly don’t want your hairstylist rushed.

Also, should you decide to chop off the hair, then be ready to throw away all your favorite hair products and start afresh. You won’t be using products along the lines of dry shampoos, serums, and mousse. Your new hair products will include a good clay-based texturizer and hair spray.

So, dear, are you getting the pixie cut?


Nikki ♥

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