I love the feeling of a laid back dress-down day when the only thing you have to do is maybe get some coffee or do some shopping where you can get away with just wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt, and pair it up with Chucks Taylor or colorful flats. There’s nothing quite like the feel of denim jeans that fits you like a glove and at the same time, is comfortable to wear. For me, finding the perfect pair of jeans is synonymous to searching for the Holy Grail, or for that One True Love; it’s a hit-or-miss, either that or I would need to dole out a copious amount of money just to have a jeans that is comfortable but at the same time, flattering to the figure. But sometimes the universe would take pity on me, like this one time when Seven For All Mankind was on sale and there was this jeans that made my legs longer, my butt firmer, and my thighs smaller. Sadly enough, the experience has not been repeated, and I am still on the hunt for that pair of jeans that will win me over based on style, comfort, and affordability. While finding that perfect pair, there are so many factors you have to consider; first is determining your body type as this will also determine the kind of jeans that will flatter the most for your kind of figure. Apple-shaped means having a rounded body, pear-shaped means being bigger around the thighs while the rest is average, and an hourglass figure means a tiny waist and full hips. Once you identify and know your body shape, it’ll be an easier task to sift through racks and racks of jeans because most of them arranged by body type. An apple-shaped figure looks good in a boot cut jeans or the more traditional straight cut. A pear-shaped figure wears the flared jeans well. And if you’re lucky enough to have the womanly hourglass figure go for the low cut, skinny, or hipster jeans and show off your curves!

HINT!! Rock Revival Jeans, try on as many styles as the boutique stocks. One style will fit your curves like a second~skin. I am a Queen of Jeans and can truly refer the Rock Revival Jean Brand as the TOP FIGURE FLATTERING JEAN.


Nikki ♥

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