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Cassanova Fashionistas,

Remember in the old days when people used Craigslist’s missed connections to reconnect with the one that got away? Nowadays, it is easier to find love and reconnect with people you’ve met IRL through the use of social media. However, there are a couple of commandments in the use of social media to promote love and romance. Here are a couple of things:

  • Do not flood our Facebook timelines with sap nor flaunt your relationship through social media. Are you one of those people who relentlessly post couple photos and date photos or those sickeningly sweet love quotes? We get it, you already are in a relationship. But we certainly don’t need a blow-by-blow account of the ups and downs of the relationship.
  • Do not merge your Facebook accounts into one single account. I have seen a few couples who have done this. What, you are both so jelled together now that you can no longer have separate identities?
  • Do not use social media to check up on your significant other: where he went, and the people he was with. Resist the urge to stalk his ex, even if it is tempting. Don’t stalk. Just don’t. Nothing good ever comes out of it. For that matter, even if the two of you have a good thing going, that still doesn’t give you the right to ask for his password. Respect his privacy and give him his personal space.
  • It’s still in the early days, the two of you just started dating and you still don’t know where this is heading, for crying out loud, do not put the guy on the spot by posting photos of your dates together.
  • Some people become ‘single’ when in a quarrel and then become ‘in a relationship’ the instant they kiss and make up. Every single time they have a fight. Do not publicize a fight over social media. Instead, keep it all to yourselves.

Common courtesy is always the start of good love!


Nikki ♥

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