Freelancing? You Can Do It!



Do you still remember the time when you were fresh out of college, and you were so full of enthusiasm, determination, and confidence that you will conquer the world? But somehow life simply got in the way of things and you were not able to do the things you just knew you were meant to do? In my case, my life-long dream was to become a travel writer, photographer or pattern-maker. Freelancing provides me the freedom from being cooped up in a building. Other people have their own reasons to go through the path of freelancing, like wanting to devote more time to family. If you are considering going through the same path, consider these things first:

Take the risk now. Create the dream job.  It is never too late to pursue your passion, so if your heart’s not in it, then get out of the corporate trappings and just go for it.

Build a nest egg before making the jump. Before I left the corporate world, I made sure I have a comfortable lump sum of savings to get me through the birthing pains of just starting out, and most especially during the lean months when I had no clients at all. Invest in a good desktop or laptop and also a fast internet connection since these will be your main tools in the freelancing world.

Find your passion, know your niche. Most beginning freelancers’ mistakes are to take on all kinds of jobs they could get their hands into, regardless of what kind of job it is. They brand themselves as an all-around, well-rounded jack-of-all-trades, but master-of-none. I have made this mistake while starting out, and found myself stuck with a client for awhile, unable to take on the projects I was really interested in. Since I wanted to be a travel writer, I concentrated in getting writing jobs to hone my writing skills. In my case, Twitter is also a powerful social media to use, and I followed famous travel bloggers and writers and got a lot of advice and tips from there. So don’t sell yourself out, and know your worth. Do not compromise and you will be rewarded for it.

All the best! Love Megan.



Nikki ♥

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