The Rogue SkirtPant

The Rogue SkirtPant designed by Nikki Babie

The Rogue SkirtPant designed by Nikki Babie

The Rogue SkirtPant designed by Nikki Babie

The Rogue SkirtPant designed by Nikki Babie

Hello My Dear Fashionistas!

We define a rogue as a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel.  A knave. A rascal. A scalawag. Hey, you may not be one, but you can definitely play the part if you shall desire. Oh, and you’ll play the seductive villainess role better in our Rogue SkirtPant!

VFW 2013-09-19 Photo By Dale Rollings IMG_1087

Made in Canada with ootles of love, the Rouge SkirtPant is in a vault inside the depths of my consciousness, waiting to be unleashed. Only after 3 years did I feel that destiny seemed aligned and the time is right to give birth to it, my brain child of beauty. You know what they say, creativity can never be rushed.

A beautiful deviation from our Ninja SkirtPant, the Rogue Skirt Pant cinches on the side with a marrow edged Mesh Ribbon, to add a feminine, frisky touch. You will notice that the SkirtPant is accented with furrows which creates a sheered effect and exudes the illusion that your legs goes all the way up to the Arctic.

The cinched skirt tucks and holds you in. It is built like a shaper to give support and create a sexy, sensuous, sleek molded hip and rear. Step into that bamboo jersey and it feels like a second skin. It is luxurious and overwhelming to the touch. Wear these pants low on the hips or around the tummy to give it extra tuck and support. You can opt to cut 36 inch in seam since we have allotted and allowance in length for our leggy clients who love to wear their sky high platforms.

…and if for some reason the pants are too long, just trim it with your trusty shears. Worry not! Bamboo Jersey is a tough fabric and it doesn’t fray. Too tough, in fact, that it just puts to shame that hot, Navy Seal next door. ♥


Nikki ♥

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