Designing Your Limited Space


Scale, which means the visual size of objects in relation to one another – is the key to a designing conundrum: that is how to design a small space. The main idea here is to avoid using large and bulky furniture, which can eat up floor space. Include a mix of small to medium-scale furniture pieces. And remember that scale, like everything else, is always relative, so what looks small on the showroom floor may actually be the right size for your small space. Pro tip: always take room measurements when buying furniture!

Here are more tips on how to maximize space:

Buy furniture that has multiple uses. An example would be a sofa bed that transforms from cosy couch during the day into a comfortable bed at night. Also invest in a bed that has a pull-out bed underneath for extra sleeping space when unexpected guests pop over. Another idea is a bed skirt. The skirt conceals the affordable, but not always pretty, trinkets and memorabilia and thus, you can use the space beneath your bed to house stuff that you wouldn’t normally want other people to see.

Some rooms can be called upon to perform multiple functions, such as the living quarters which can be used for dining and relaxing. Use rugs to delineate a great room and as a visual cue as to where one function stops and another begins. Similarly, use physical barriers, like a bookcase or folding screen to designate spaces.

Use your windows to enlarge cramped spaces. Windows can create the optical illusion of having a large space because your eye moves beyond the wall to the outdoor view and embraces it as part of your living space. Take advantage of this liberating effect by leaving windows bare, or dress windows with curtains that match the color of the walls to eliminate boundaries.

Enjoy designing your home!


Nikki ♥

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