Social Media Security



In the age of social media, the most underrated virtue is restraint. Although most of us understand the concept of oversharing in Facebook, there may still be some things you are unconsciously sharing, and you might not even be aware you’re doing it. Here are some of the things I am talking about:

  • Social plugins. Facebook has integrated with some of the frequently visited websites and when you liked or commented on an article (even if you did it outside of Facebook), it will be shown on the newsfeed and posted to your wall. I personally think there’s nothing wrong with this function; however, it becomes an issue when the article you liked or commented on is highly sensitive, politically incorrect, or is simply NSFW.
  • Instagram likes. Yes, we are all addicted to photos of dogs, breakfast food, and selfies. However, you really don’t want to show off your stalking tendencies on Facebook and publicly show the endless photos you have liked of your crush. The same goes for guys as well. Do you really want us to know the half-nude photos of girls you have been liking on Instagram? This can be easily remedied. Just go to your Instagram settings, click the “Share Settings” tab and turn off the setting that shares liked photos to your Facebook timeline.
  • If you also noticed, sometimes when you read an article from Yahoo or from another news site, this activity will also be automatically posted on your wall. The solution is to simply log out of your Facebook account if you are browsing other sites. Another important thing: as much as possible, do not like apps that asks permission from you to allow access to your personal information.
  • Delete birthday information on Facebook as this can be used to gain access to your social insurance number and also to prevent identity theft.
  • If you’re excited about upcoming vacation or travel plans, do not post it on Facebook as this makes you vulnerable to home invasions.

It never hurts to be safe and price your privacy!


Nikki ♥

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