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Hey Ho! Fashionistas!

Christmas is just around the corner and practically everyone I know is racking their brains out trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. It is hard to pick out a gift that is extra special, and as much as we try to veer away from mass-produced, made in china, generic Christmas gifts (photo frames and coffee mugs, anyone?), sometimes, we just draw a blank and can’t come up with a gift that says that it was carefully thought out. The best thing to do right now is to make gifts that have a personal feel, or a specialized touch to them that says you care. Homemade gifts are so personal and speak volumes of the love towards the one you are giving the gift to. Here are a couple of DIY projects that are quiet easy to do:

For the man in your life, sneak through his Instagram account to get an idea of the type of photographs that person loves; or better yet, check out the prized collection of photographs in his laptop and have one of those printed and framed. Voila, instant wall art!

For your girlfriends, you can gift them with a tote bag personalized by having a photo of their favourite book or movie star’s picture printed on the side of the tote.

For your best friend or sister, you can give them bath and spa gifts with ingredients readily available in your kitchen. Here are a few examples: homemade body scrubs (the base can be made from either Epsom salts or sugar, depending on whether you want a large or fine grain and then add up some essential oils) and tub teas (made up of heat-sealable tea bags filled with scents such as lavender, chamomile, and peppermint) which is quite a treat when taking a long soak in the bath tub.

These gifts will surely be appreciated and used, so there’s no chance of them being re-gifted to somebody else.

Try them out!


Nikki ❤

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