Himalayan Pink Salt

This blog written by Don Ward www.innerglow.ca
I discovered that there are 84 different salts required for a properly balanced body. Salts are electrolytes which enable all cells to work. They also control osmosis in the body, which allows cells to take in nutrients and expel waste products.
I learned that our standard table salt is potentially harmful simply because it is only one form of sodium, sodium chloride. This salt increases water pressure in the body cavity, which puts pressure on organs and vessels through out the body. Sea salt generally contains seven or more salts, but the propensity for pollutants is off the scale. To collect sea salt, you boil off the water and the salt condenses. Unfortunately, so do all the petrochemical pollutants in the water as well…
Then I discovered Himalayan Pink Salt! This salt is mined from under the Himalayan mountains, and hasn’t been exposed to all our industrial pollutants, as it is 350,000,000 years old. Not only that, but it contains all 84 salts needed for a healthy body, in the same ratio as our bodies require! That’s no coincidence.
I don’t usually recommend a particular brand of any product, but in this case I suggest buying SALT of LIFE brand, as they go to great lengths to make sure no explosives are used in the mining process, as that would contaminate the end product.
The reason I myself first tuned in to the importance of proper sodium intake, was that I found myself suffering with stomach issues which are commonly diagnosed as acid reflux. Conventional theories suggest that the problem is from too much acid production in the stomach. But research shows that hydrochloric acid production peaks at about 30 years of age, then declines every year after. Since I am many years past 30, excessive acid wasn’t likely my problem.
What I learned in my research was that acid reflux is caused by too little acid in the stomach, which allows a bacterium -H. Pylori- to migrate to the stomach as the acid levels drop. The bacteria do not cause the problem, they are a result of the problem. The real problem is a lack of stomach acids.
Here is how it works: You have hydrochloric acid in the stomach, or HCL. Then you have salt, or NaCL. When you have salt in the body, the body processes it by removing the Na molecules from the NaCL, and attaching a hydrogen molecule H to the remaining CL, forming HCL. So acid-reflux happens when we are sodium deficient, not from excess acids.
Since introducing Himalayan Pink Salt to my diet, my digestion has improved, and I find I am rarely dehydrated. I simply salt my food to taste and I am good to go. In liquid form, it makes a wonderful rehydrater during strenuous workouts, as it replenishes all those valuable electrolytes lost from sweating.
Now is the time to experience the Truth On Salt for yourself…

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