Sexiness ~ Flaunt that Goddess in YOU

Maxi Mermaid Dress designed by Nikki Babie

Maxi Mermaid Dress designed by Nikki Babie


Sexiness, as I have relentlessly campaigned, is solely not physical. And if ever we are to translate sensuality to measures, dear, I must say it is always subjective! You are desirable if you are yourself. Exude that inner confidence! Wear your true colors! Flaunt that goddess in you!

Sadly, not everyone can adapt to this mentality easily. There are personal restraints and hindrances that we need to overcome still. That is why we are here to help. Girls help fellow girls in need, yes, fashionistas love their kin.

Now, for the curvacious-figured woman who wants to push the limit of style and attraction, following some simple tips may help you wow others with your fashion flair. Know what works best for you and incorporate the latest styles into your existing wardrobe for a fresh look and feel.


While curvy women had only a few chic, elegant choices in attire not so long ago, today is a great time to shop for plus size fashions! Retailers who specialize in this market aren’t interested in relegating your fuller figure to the background, but want to help you stand out in the fashion crowd. Size matters and by that I meant the fuller, the sexier!

The Bamboo Jersey Aphrodite designed by Nikki Babie

The Bamboo Jersey Aphrodite designed by Nikki Babie

While fashion magazines sometimes seem to contradict themselves, as well as changing trends from season to season, once you identify your personal style, you’ll feel much more comfortable and confident in what you wear. You’ll also be able to avoid trends that you know aren’t flattering to your body and embrace styles that make you look your best. Your best plus size fashion tips may differ from the curvy woman next to you, but by dressing in clothes that fit and flatter you perfectly, you can be a true blue fashionista!

Love yourself more!
Nikki ♥

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