The Flea Market Guru



If you are thinking of redecorating your house along the lines of shabby chic or if you have a flair for anything vintage, flea markets are a great place to find great buys. Here are a couple of things you have to remember before heading out to a flea market:

Plan the time. If you want to have the pick of the litter, then I would suggest that you go there very early in the morning. But the end of the day is great too because by that time, the sellers are tired, weary, they just want to get rid of whatever’s left and go home, so this is the right time to exercise your haggling powers as the sellers might be just too tired to argue with you, hence the extra discounts! It is up to you to and what you consider is more important – getting bargain deals or getting the best stuff.

Carry small cash only. Nothing can be more annoying than when vendors have to exchange big notes – you can bring as much cash as you want but break them down into $5 and $10 bills. It makes life easier on everyone!

Bring a huge tote bag. Help save the environment by not having to use paper bags. Also you can avoid scrambling and ruining your handbag by putting your purchases in there. Just bring a big old bag and dump it all in!

Bring a camera with you. For “expensive” things such as an expensive piece of artwork or a massive piece of furniture, if you’re undecided, you can take a photo of it and visualise it later in your apartment. A photo can give you some clarity and you can always go back for it if it is a good fit.

Look behind the seams. When buying clothes, make sure to look for any tiny holes, stains, smells, and missing buttons. Here’s a pro-tip: gently tug at the seams to see if the fabric is sturdy enough and will last you more than a single wash.

Best of luck on your flea market adventures!


Nikki ♥

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