The Single Girl’s Guide to the New Year


Happy New Year Fashionistas!

Ok, so you survived the ringing in of the New Year. You survived that moment when the clock strike 12 on New Year’s Eve and you find yourself in a sea of couples with no one to kiss it with.

The holidays are now over, and it’s now back to reality and back to the salt mines so while your friends are busy planning out the next 365 days with anniversary and monthsary dates, Friday night date nights, weekend getaways, or even their own weddings, make sure that you don’t fall victim to sulking in a corner and pining over a past love. After all, the new year presents us a “tabula rasa,” or a clean slate, and more importantly, the new year represents possibilities— so here’s a nifty little guide to making 2014 your year.

Go out with your Girls

Have lunches, or brunches, or sleepover parties. Now is the best time to establish new friendships, and reconnect with old ones. It’s a great reminder that no matter how many relationships or break-ups you go through, there will be someone who will be there for you through it all.

Travel Alone

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Step out of your comfort zone and realize there’s a big world out there and hopefully it’ll make you realize that you are infinitesimal in the grand scheme of it all.

Start a Gratitude Journal

It’s not only an outlet for your emotions, but a documentation of your ups and downs. Sometimes you tend to emphasize on the negative that you cannot see the bigger picture of how life is beautiful. Having a journal will surely make you appreciate the small joys of life.

Cross out Things from your Bucket List

When you’re single, you’ll realize that you want to focus on the things that you liked doing but couldn’t do when you were in a relationship. The key here, though, is to stop planning and just act on it. Don’t say “I will…” but actually pick up that phone or send that email to the photographer whose beginner’s course you’ve been wanting to join or take up that hobby you weren’t able to do so because the ex did not approve.

Get Fit on Your Own Terms

A new dieting craze can be a way to deal with a break up but remember this, your reasons for dieting should not be because you wanted to get back on your ex. You should do this for yourself, and not for other people. Flying solo may be tough, but learning more about yourself makes it one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Stay Happy!


Nikki ❤

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