A DIY Body Scrub


Fashionista Godesses,

Exfoliating, like moisturizing, is an important beauty ritual in order to take care of your skin. It gets rid of the dead skin cells and results in a healthy, radiant, dewy glow on your skin. However, why would you have to spend a ton of money on posh spas and beauty products for exfoliants when you can actually make them from the comforts of your own home?

olive oil

A perfect example would be a homemade body scrub you can make from scratch with ingredients that are kitchen staples, readily available in your pantry shelves. A body scrub is so easy to make, you’d wish you’ve already thought of making one earlier on! You just need 3 of the following ingredients: the main ingredient is the exfoliant (coarse sea salt or brown sugar); the carrier oil, which serves as base liquid that holds the scrub mix all together (you can use extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, or sunflower oil but if you don’t have any of them handy, use baby oil instead); and the last ingredient is the essential oil for aromatherapy. Now here comes the fun part. There are no hard and fast rules in making a body scrub. You get to customize it according to your liking and add ingredients with whatever you fancy!

brown sugar

A classic recipe for a body scrub is the coconut and brown sugar body scrub with vanilla. In a mixing bowl, mix in brown sugar (exfoliant) with spoonfuls of virgin coconut oil (carrier oil), and then add vanilla extract (or an essential oil to serve as perfume). Mix the ingredients well and voila! You got yourself a DIY body scrub without hardly breaking a sweat. As a finishing touch, you may add in several drops of honey, or break down one of those vitamin E liquid gel capsules, and put it in the scrub for moisturizing and hydrating purposes. You also have the option of adding in baking soda to soften the skin. Put the scrub in a clean dry mason jar, print out a cutesy label and then paste it in the jar, and you got yourself a homemade body scrub!

This is how fashionistas render their version of D-I-Y! Tell me what you think!


Nikki ♥

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