The Devil Wears a DIY Prada

Prada 1


Join me as I drool over Prada shoes. They’re elegant and absolutely a thing of perfect sin!

For the not so financially capable, Prada magnifique is a loathsome affair. Imagine wanting to own one but never can?! Oh how we all wish Cinderella’s fairy godmother exists!

Prada 2

But we’ll manage to get you through my dear! I have here a do-it-yourself Prada-esque pumps!

You’ll need the following:

-Forever 21 Double Strap Mary Jane Heels
-ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape
-Montana Gold Spray Paint in Red
-Krylon Spray Sealer

How to do it:

–  Decide how much of the toe you would like to paint, then tape off that portion using painter’s tape.

–  Once taped, wrap the heel and inside of the shoe with a plastic bag or paper to shield it from the spray paint. In a well-ventilated area, spray the uncovered portion of the shoe with the red spray paint. Depending on the shade and opacity of red you want, you may need to apply a few coats.

Street Style - Day 1 - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2013

–  Allow the paint to dry completely overnight. Then spray the exposed part of the shoe with a clear sealer, which will protect the color. Wait at least an hour to dry completely, and then remove the tape and plastic covering.

Best of luck on your artwork!


Nikki ♥

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