The Dua’s Layer

Dua 2


We all know about the Iris. We all know about the Cornea. Yeah, we all know that the pupil is a part of our eyes!

Dua 1

These are the usual parts of the eyes that we learned through our Elementary days. But did you know that just recently, a new part of our peepers has been discovered? Ladies and Gents, let’s all welcome to text textbook awareness: the Dua’s Layer.

Discovered by Harmindes Dua of the University of Nottingham, he emphasized that there are many diseases rooting from the presence, absence, and tear of this layer. It’s just that it has not been thoroughly researched on before so no prevention has came to light just yet.

The said layer is only 15 microns thick and was discovered through an electron microscope while air bubbles were injected in the layers of the cornea. This process is usually done during surgery.  However it is classified to be one of the most sensitive operational procedures since popping one of the bubbles can actually result to permanent damage.

Now, what is the bearing of this new discovery, you ask? During sensitive ocular operations, protocol is to inject the bubble under the Dua’s Layer to avoid tearing which was overlooked before as just one of the natural risks involved in the operation.

Dua 3

Hooray for invention! Although I feel bad for students who would have one more part of the eye to memorize. Sigh.


Nikki ♥

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