Beauty Rituals That Might Be Hurting You

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There are a lot of common make up, skin care, and beauty advice out there but one can never be too careful and make sure first that there is some truth to the advice before actually acting on it. Here are some of the common beauty mistakes you need to stop doing:

You start using more than one beauty product into your skin care routine. You can get dermatitis if you start using too many new products on your skin all at once. Introduce new products one at a time to be sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Earth to Body is an organic line I highly recommend., Not tested on animals. Cruelty Free

You skip on the sunscreen. The sun has its own dangers that we need protection from, but its harsh rays can also cause scarring if you have acne and don’t protect your skin from the lethal UV rays.  Try Earth to Body Zinc Oxide Blend.

You avoiding anti-aging products because you think you’re too young for it. These products are full of peptide and vitamins A are what will keep you looking 30 when you are in your mid-40s. It is never too late to start early.

You use a foundation that is too heavy and is suffocating your skin. A heavy foundation that’s too heavy can clog your pores. If you want coverage, find a formula that lets your skin breathe. If the formula looks cakey, then it’s probably too thick for your skin and could end up causing breakouts. Drop into a local health store and inquire about their mineral makeup products.

You share makeup with sisters/friends. Avoid sharing your favorite makeup with your friends; because each time you do it, you transfer bacteria. Otherwise, you could end up with an uncomfortable eye/skin infection in exchange for your generosity.

You pull your hair up in the same ponytail. If you put your hair in a ponytail in the exact same spot, you can actually cause surface breakage in that area. Your hair will start to get weaker and break off in that spot. Try to change your ponytail placement from time to time.

You pull your hair back too tightly. Over time this can cause breakage to the hairline, since you’re using a lot of tension on your hair at the root. If you have a frail hairline, opt for a looser hair styles.

Be Safe and Sure!


Nikki ❤

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