Are You A Traveler or A Tourist?

marylin monro

Here is a question, Fashionistas:

How do you know if you are a traveler or a tourist?

The first thing to do is to check your travel bag. How long did it take you to pack? Was it just a few minutes? Or are you one of those people who do their packing at the last minute? Then you’re a tourist. On the other hand, a traveler has packed ahead of time, even months in advance. He will meticulously research everything there is to know about the trip before embarking on that plane.

marlyn monroe3

After reaching their destination, tourists loathe to give up their creature comforts. Even trying the local cuisine at some hole-in-the-wall where the locals eat might easily put them off for fear of ingesting something that might not agree with their stomach. A tourist will happily splurge his time on shopping for souvenirs and other similar activities. A traveler will not splurge, but will insist, rather, on getting the most value out of his money. A tourist spends indiscriminately but a traveler stretches himself and he doesn’t really shop.

A tourist will follow the itinerary to the letter and will try to visit all the famous tourist attractions. A traveler, on the other hand, will seek out the local people, talk to them, and find other places to explore aside from the “tourist” ones. A traveler goes looking for things beyond the guidebook. He is interested in learning how the locals eat and sleep. Tourists are always looking for their guide to tell them their itinerary for the day, and would never suggest to go off the beaten track or do anything out of the box. He wants home-cooked familiar food, and a two-star hotel accommodation at the very least. A traveler will not care about these things because he is not afraid to rough things out, and his aim is to collect as many experiences as possible.

So which are you? 🙂

XOXO, Nikki ❤

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