Travel Necessities 101

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My Jet setters and Trendy Fashionistas,

Make a travel checklist before going away for a vacation is a great way to make sure you pack everything you need and you don’t forget anything. It’s easy to forget items at home, especially if it’s going to be a long trip and you are packing at the last minute. But even a quick overnight or weekend trip can become a nightmare when if you forget to pack an essential item.

To help you remember everything, I have created a quick travel checklist below. Use this check list as a guide to determining what to pack and what to leave behind.

There are three main categories here, which should be put in separate bags. The most important thing is your travel documents and finances. These are some of the most important items on your list!

*Photo copy all identification documents and leave a copy with a friend or family member. Tuck another copy in suitcase

Before you pack your favorite book, make sure these items are stored or tucked away safely in your bag:

driver’s license or any other form of personal identification and emergency contact information just in case something happens when your abroad, passport and visa, your wallet and cash, credit cards, airline and train tickets, copies of hotel or any other reservations for accommodations, itinerary plans, contact information of hotels and tours, your health insurance card and travel insurance documents as well.

The second group of things are your toiletries & bathroom items. Don’t get caught scrambling in the middle of the night for toothpaste when you arrive at your destination. Make sure these essential hygiene products are stowed away to a place where you can easily reach for them: deodorant, soap, lip balm or lotion, shampoo and conditioner, brush or comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, and tissues.

The third group is your electronics and gear which is composed of your mobile phone and its charger, your camera and memory card in case you take a lot of pictures, your laptop or tablet, outlet converters, an MP3 player for long journeys ahead, and an alarm clock for those early morning tours.

The fourth group should not be neglected at all, and could also be a saviour in case something happens. Your first aid kit should contain all of the following: your prescriptions, aspirin, medicines for cold, vitamins, sunscreen, a hand sanitizer and an insect repellent, antibiotics and antihistamines if you’re suffering from allergies.

Other things you have to make room for is a water bottle filled to the brim, a pillow for travelling, and a light reading material to help pass the time while travelling to your destination.


Nikki ❤

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