Thrifty Travel Tips


photo by nikki babie  cayman islands

photo by nikki babie cayman islands

Adventurous Fashionistas,

If wanderlust has bitten you hard, but financial constraints are holding you back from pursuing your dreams of seeing the world, don’t let your finances stop you from turning this dream into a reality. The truth of the matter is, dirt-cheap travel is possible simply by following these tips:

• Use budget airlines and book during off-season to take advantage of much lower rates.

• Go for a B&B or a hostel rather than a hotel. These places offer warmth and intimacy that hotels simply cannot provide, and you get to save a lot of your money, too.

• Make the most out of public transport. Riding in the local transportation system can get you a feel of the country, too. You can save a lot from cab fares and you also get to interact with the locals.

• Eat where the locals do. The local cuisine of a country is a one-of-kind, can’t-afford-to-miss experience. However, be wary of eating in popular, fine dining establishments or “touristy” places. A useful tip is to ask your tour guide or cab driver or host where they eat or what are the restaurants they frequent to get an authentic feel to your dining experience. In my experience, family-run businesses offer the best value for your money. If you’re dining with a companion, order a side salad and then you can split the entree, order the house wine, and skip the coffee and dessert. Remember, though, to take note if you have allergies to certain foods and always keep anti-diarrhea, mild laxative, and antihistamine medications handy in case your body does not react well to eating all of that foreign food.

• Avail of museum passes. These passes pay for more than one visit, as well as saves you time by letting you skip on long lines.

• Learn to haggle. Flea markets are notorious for jacking up prices whenever they spot foreigners on the prowl, but be ballsy enough when giving your price.

We hope these helped!


,Nikki ❤

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