Chocolate Lovers


Hey Fashionistas!!! ♫

I know you love chocolates! The succulent play of sweetness and bitterness on your tongue…a sweet delight that we go crazy on…a true friend that we rely onto whenever we are depressed. Yes…all the love for chocolate!

But did you know that during the age of the Aztecs, chocolates aren’t just your typical comfort food? Chocolates were only reserved for the rich and the nobles. Yes dear, you have to be on top of the food chain to get this treat! The Aztecs maintained royal storehouses for cacao beans and there was even a record where in 11,680,000 worth of annual expenditures were spent for this! Where did it all go? Some went to pay the king’s entourage and the rest, of course, went into the king’s stomach. King Montezuma enjoyed 50cups a day, actually. If that is not addiction, then I don’t know what is!

Chocolates were so cherished that time that it was even made to a form of currency! And this my dears, didn’t stop after the Aztecs were erased from existence…Oh it had continued on Central American markets as late as 1858. They referred to it as natives’ coins and to treat you guys with this feast for the brains, I am sharing with you their price list that I got from the World Wide Web:

1 small rabbit = 30 cacao beans
1 turkey egg = 3 cacao beans
1 large tomato = 1 cacao bean

Cool, right?! I didn’t know that rabbits can be purchased by chocolates! This is like something from a Dr. Seuss story!!!

Now let’s go back to our chocoholic Aztecs. Rumor has it that they adored chocolate in liquid form. They preferred it cold and frothy since they believed that the foam holds the chocolate’s fundamental essence. This is so big at the time that you can even see the “how-to-create-foam” manual through the Aztec’s artwork! It was easy! All you have to do is pour the chocolate mixture from one jar to another, to and fro until they are frothy enough.

So the next time you ask your sugar for a succulent treat, tell him this story…remember, your love for chocolate is nothing if you don’t flaunt it. After all, we live for precious moments and decadent desserts such as this!

Sweet ecstasy to you!


Nikki ♥

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