Mysteriously Remarkable


He is slick. He is mysteriously remarkable. He tickles your curiosity and plays with your fancy. His raven hair complementing his charcoal pinstripe suit is a sight to see. He adores his coffee, and of all his ladies, he shares today’s treat with you.

He then slides a paper bag towards your way. You see his lips move and mouthed, “This is for you.” You open the bag and to your surprise, you see this gold darling—nothing like you’ve ever seen!  A spectacle of lights from the city reflects from it and seduces your senses. You are simply overwhelmed and your heart misses a beat when you realized that the constellation is no longer out there but right there within your touch.

He whispers how you deserve to be adorned with nothing less compared to Lady Diana. Your hands were cold, yet the iced diamonds seemed arctic. You hold within your palm a Lady Kalla Vacheron Constantin Timepiece: a Rolls-Royce on your wrist. It is not every day a lady like you gets to be embellished with a 26.80 carat weight, 126 diamonds, emerald-cut bracelet/watch…you must be a queen…HIS queen.

An unexplainable thrill married with fear creeps from inside your core…

Now, tell me fashionistas, what will your impulse drive you to do in this situation?

Lots of love, frenzy, and everything in between… XOXO,

Nikki ❤

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