Why I LOVE Vancouver Fashion Week

vanouver fashionweeklogo

Welcoming Vancouver Fashion Week last March 2013, I really didn’t have the slightest idea on what to expect. Everything was muffled and hushed up until the show was under wraps. Every designer’s creative soul was waiting in anticipation as VFW prepared the evening events.

Now, the September VFW 2013 was comparably thrilling! With all the beautiful people up and around, the event was a success! Worry not my dear fashionistas! Although the VFW is over, you can expect that I will be continuing to showcase my line on the next happenings to come!

The setup was a sight to see! Spectacular and dazzling! The runaway is professional, high end, elegant. The music rages in your veins and thumps its energy all the way through an explosion of excitement over the scenes you can see! This is a great venue for any designer who has formed a small to large collections of clothing to showcase their pieces of art.

Vancouver fashion week showcases designers from around the world in the spotlight of local and international media outlets. It was one of the best forms of coverage we have ever gotten in our company, Nikki Babie Designs Inc. We earned great reviews from L.A. Fashion, Vancouver Sun, Italian Newspapers, bloggers, TV interviews and so much more. We are forever grateful for the attention and the chance to please those who preferred to look and appreciate!

Grazie tanto to you Jamal, as well! You have helped promote local designers and bring Fashion to the city of Vancouver. You have made a destination for recognition worldwide from our humble hometown.

I adore the fact that VFW hires the best of the best to assist the designers. We have hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists, working hard backstage in bringing to life the visions of every designer for their walk. It is beautiful chaos! It is an affair between delight and fairness! We find it encouraging having the support of Vancouver BC’s local talents. VFW had attracted designers and media people from all over the globe and has helped up and coming designers to have their share of spotlight. I, for one, have met some key people that can help me align my brand into the marketplace.

Vancouver Fashion week has raised the bar for my company Nikki Babie Designs Inc.  We are able to showcase our collections in a highly professional venue and receive all sorts of coverage from newspaper, TV, video, blogs, and most of all amazing photography. My line is now talked about in countries all over the world!  Thank you so much to the global media coverage attending the VFW and for having the opportunity and reason to visit the scenic Vancouver BC, Canada.

We Love VFW  & Looking so forward to presenting a large Versatile Collection September xo

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