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Hello Edmonton, Alberta !!

GoodAfterNoon Amazing Fashionista,

Visit our Booth this  weekend, we will be  at  The University of Alberta “ButterDome Spring Show & Sale” . Edmonton Alberta

An adaptable but stylish piece of clothing is every travelling Fashionista’s desire! But is there such a thing? Fret not! I design a versatile line of travel wear that can be worn in a number of ways.

Our casual, yet elegant, ensemble pieces take you from the boardrooms to the beach to a romantic dinner with Prince Charming. All you have to do to change from day wear to evening wear is a discreet alteration of your accessories and make up, a quick fix from heels to flats, and et voila, you are ready for your next event! So there is no need for you to bring bulky luggage packed to the brim with clothes – after all, you are on this trip to enjoy yourself, without having to worry that you didn’t bring enough clothes to last you the entire adventure.

We have a number of pieces from our collection that is a definite must have to survive your weekend folly. You can choose from our well-loved HipSkirt, Jupe de Vie, and Jupe de Fringe! Are you ready to take on the challenge of creating more than 10  looks with just 1 piece?  If so, take these babies with you on your trip and you’re definitely good to go!

All sorts of new colors & styles …

Nikki xxoo




Wrinkle Free, Worry Free

HipSkirt as a Bandeau Top nikkibabie_fringe_hipSkirtnikkibabie_aphrodite


Of course, we all know the feeling of having this one beautiful, yet delicate piece of elegant garment that we always love wearing especially on important occasions. This piece would be our cloak of confidence–our ultimate weapon, so to speak. The problem is, most dresses of such intricate quality are easily wrinkled into such disarray!

Now, the Nikki Babie brand of clothing was designed with your comfort in mind. The material of our ready-to-wear collection is from bamboo jersey which is known to highlight your curves and flatter your figure. This material is a magical piece that will definitely make unpacking after a travel be a breeze – just hang the clothes off your suitcase, as there’s no need to bother yourself with ironing them!  After using each item, you can machine-wash and then hang them out to dry. Our pieces won’t shrink or fade away in color!

I personally know the pain of that ritual that is why we have come up with something that you can literally wash, pack, and wear without losing its sophistication! You can flaunt in your ultimate look of grace and even go extreme and literally dance the night away without looking like a clutter!


Nikki ♥



Amazing Fashionista’s

What determines whether a gemstone is precious or semi precious?

Is it the composition of the stone? cut ? or rarity?


The World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO) is responsible for creating a definitive set of standards for the grading, methodology and terminology of diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls and precious metals.

The World Jewelry Confederation defines a precious gemstone as a “natural inorganic material, with the exception of metals, used in jewelry.

Semi-precious, is used  to describe gems that are not a rare stone, is now “misleading”.


Almost all gemstones can be defined as precious, except the pearl. It is also formed with organic matter rather than inorganic material. A protein called conchiolin* (a fibrous protein the forms the iridescent inner layers, as mother-of-pearl, in the shells of mollusks) is an essential part of the substance that forms a pearls’s nacre* (its what makes up the outer coating of pearls. It is strong, resilient, and iridescent.

Natural and cultured pearls are really quite unique in the gemology world.

“the queen of gems and the gem of queens”.

Love Nikki xxoo


Spring Flinging Your Get Up



Winter is has left the building! Spring is here for you to enjoy and run fancy on! This season is all about warmer weather, Easter love, and the sharp eye for all things pastel! Out with the glimmering gold dust and welcome the fresh hues of lilac, blush, and hues so yummy that macarons sport it! LOL!

Aqua Aphrodite

Like all new things, we all need a period of transition. I’m here to help, of course! Allow me to show you how to slowly incorporate your old wardrobe to all these candy collection!


Oh, and by the way, if you’re on college and rockin’ it, this one is especially for you!

Maxi Mermaid

Hello Contrast!
I LOVE CONTRASTS! I am a big fan, what can I say? This season is no excuse to abuse this statement, of course! Pastels are all about softness, merriment, and running on a field of daisies…pair it with black and you get a toughening-up that is not only gorgeous but would definitely show how adventurous and edgy you are. Spot the daintiest and most delicate of your dresses…preferably peach or aqua and top it off with a black moto jacket. Accessories such as statement necklaces are beautiful as well, as long as it says “love” or “cutie” Trust me, that’s just like seeing Justin Bieber singing a Nirvana song! So out there, but nevertheless, a hit!


Tonal Up

Whoever said that monochrome is old-fashioned? It is so in at the moment that it totally makes a statement! Try mint and you’ll get what I mean. If you want to keep things casual, wear sweet flats and a cross body bag to keep everything within the Spring fling. For your adornment, try several stacks of bracelets and bangles.


Pastel Overload

A rain of pastels would definitely be the right direction to go. 1 pastel piece on your outfit is just 1 pastel piece after all! Throw in several and you’ll totally sport such a statement that you can parade on the streets. Studded Shorts in pink, a scarf, and beige sandals! Add a canvas bag and you’re so good to go!

Fashion is all season, you know that too well fashionistas! But if you must display your sweet style, Spring is the time for it!

Enjoy love!


Nikki ♥




The Right Scent



With the abundance of perfumes out in the market today, choosing your trademark perfume can be a difficult task to make. Here are two tips on how to narrow down the choices among the plethora of perfumes available out there:

Know the perfume that best suits your personality.Scent is divided into four major fragrance families. The floral scent is easily the most commonly used and recognizable among women and is noted to be very sweet. Examples of this kind of scent are rose, lavender, and orange. Think of how a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers smells likes. If you have a very feminine personality, go for this one.

The citrus/fruity/fresh scent is for the simple, girl-next-door type. Think lemon, lime, and other citrus fruits. Fruity scents include apple, apricot, and peach. The smell of freshly-laundered linen, or of someone who just got out of a shower. These scents are lightweight, easy on the nose, and are perfect for summer.

The oriental/spicy scent is for the exotic, mysterious woman who wants to stand out in a room. Think vanilla, amber, musk and other spices. The scent is reminiscent of the Mediterranean or of the Far East or some other exotic locale. Scents like this are heady and heavy to wear. Absolutely perfect for date-night.

The woody/chypre is for the girl who loves the outdoors. Examples of these are earthy scents like bergamot and patchouli.

Once you have chosen what fragrance family you want to buy into, the next step would be to know the composition of a perfume. A perfume is composed of three notes. The top note is the first thing you smell on a perfume, it has the strongest scent but it also fades the quickest. The middle note or the bouquet is what you would smell the next, and 30 minutes after you have spritzed on the perfume, you are left with the base note. The base note is what will stay with you the most. Important tip: don’t buy a perfume based on what you smell right away; let it settle first on your body and then decide until after you have smelled the final note. Perfume sniffed from a bottle might smell differently when placed on your body, so you should take into account of how the perfume smells together with your body chemistry. So don’t buy a perfume based on impulse. Let it linger first on your body and then see how it smells.

Stay sweet!


Nikki  ♥