Quebec Ice Hotel



The Quebec Ice Hotel, or Hôtel de Glace, opened on New Year’s Day in 2001. It is considered as the first and only ice hotel located in North America. Ice hotels are a type of destination hotel found in cold, northern climates. The temperature inside an ice hotel ranges between -3°C and -5°C. It can be compared to an igloo, and the 4-foot thick ice walls insulate the interior and protect the guests from gusts of wind.


The hotel creates its own snow using a special mixture to make it adjust to the humidity. The hotel is built with metal frames, was allowed to harden for a couple of days, and then the cranes were removed. The hotel is composed of 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice.

Staying overnight at the ice hotel is for people who don’t mind letting go of the comforts of a conventional hotel for the unique experience of sleeping in an upscale and somewhat glorified igloo. After a drink at the ice bar and a soak in the outdoor hot tub, you can move to the sauna.

icehotelbar  luxuryhomes_icehotelquebec

And yes, you literally get to sleep in a bed of ice in this hotel, but you are separated from the solid ice base because upon bedtime, a sleeping bag, an isolating bed sheet and a pillow are delivered to the rooms. Beds have a light switch built right onto the bed for convenience.


It is only the bathrooms which are heated and located in a separate insulated structure. Rooms at the Quebec Ice Hotel do not have doors, but do have curtains for privacy. Noise will not be a problem. Most people conserve their energy and retire quietly into their respective sleeping hollows, and the silence here is something that you would come to expect from an igloo.

Certainly, there is a magic to staying in an ice hotel.


Nikki ❤

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