The Marvelous CN Towers



The CN Towers is quite an engineering and architectural marvel and is one of Toronto’s easily recognizable features. The first thing you will notice when you approach the outskirts of Toronto, be it on air or on the road, is this tall, gleaming glass structure. This building is a communications and observations tower located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, but this function quickly takes a back seat to tourists wanting to see the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. Standing magnificently at 1,815.4 ft., this edifice used to be the tallest building in the world, that is until the Burj Khalifa surpassed it in September of 2007. A visit is definitely worth it because of its splendid view of the city. Riding its glass elevators up to the highest level is one of those things in life you just have to do. There are three visitor areas: the Glass Floor and Outdoor Observation Terrace, the Indoor Lookout Level located at 1,135 ft., and the SkyPod, which is 1,465 ft. Those who are not faint of heart can also go up using the glass-floored elevator.


One of its attraction is the EdgeWalk, where one can walk around the roof of the main pod of the tower. It is considered as the world’s highest full-circle, hands-free walk.Visitors are tethered to an overhead rail system and walk around the edge of the CN Tower. The attraction is closed throughout the winter season and when there are electrical storms and high winds.


There is also a revolving restaurant called 360 Restaurant, which offers a magnificent view of the city. If you come here at night, expect to be dazzled by the lights of the city. The restaurant doesn’t spin that fast so you barely even notice that you’re moving at all when eating.


Why not visit this wonder?!


Nikki ❤


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