What’s A HipSkirt ?

The HipSkirt

The HipSkirt

Here’s a FASHION TIP fashion tip: learn how to layer clothes! Traveling somewhere cold? Or attempting to hide unwanted flaws such as your tummy?

The solution: layer, layer, layer!

One of the newest products off our new collection is the HipSkirt. It is a bandeau top designed to be worn with the Aphrodite top. It gives a little splash of color and adds a wee bit of length to the top when worn shirred on the hip.

HipSkirt worn as a mini (grey)

HipSkirt worn as a mini (grey)

The most amazing part about our HipSkirt is that it cinches on the waist to hide unwanted flabs in that area. Aside from that, you can also use this versatile item of clothing as a mini skirt, or a bum warmer, or a bandeau top – best of all, it is a core shaper.

Just buy one size down from what you would normally wear, or you may also refer to our HipSkirt size chart.

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Nikki Babie

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