10 Things Men Think Are A Good Idea – But Aren’t

James Michael Sama

I remember hearing something from Jerry Seinfeld a long time ago that talked about the differences between what men read and what women read. Women’s magazines are all full of how-to’s, especially when it comes to dating – and men’s magazines are full of pictures of pretty girls because they think they already know everything.

Unfortunately, we don’t. Nobody does. I learned this through experience and I’m sure that I’m not alone.

So, what are some things we might be mistaking for “good game” that we should really tie to a concrete block and drop into the river?



Holding your standards too high.

We all want the woman (or man) who we’ve drawn a photo of in our mind. The “perfect” partner. We are in a society of replacement. Phone screen broken? Get a new one. Computer running slow? Get a new one. You’ve had that iPad for 6 months? Here’s…

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