The Mystery of Mermaids



Almost every woman I know had a time in their lives when they became  curious about mermaids. These mythical goddesses of the deep were  beautifully depicted on countless fairy tales, cartoons, and illustrated books that it is so hard not to wonder about their existence. Although most skeptics dismiss the possibility, a lot of sightings were reported throughout history–some even made it to modern news! Here are some: The town of Kiryat Yam in Israel is possibly one of the most involved communities in the quest for mermaids’ existence. Tourist accounts have been spreading like wildfire to this date, each one claiming to have had a glimpse of these aquatic beauties. This had become so popular that the local authorities had offered a bounty of 1 million dollars to whoever can produce legitimate proof. Unfortunately, though, all videos that were submitted were proven fake.

You can check this link for a sample:

Another modern day sighting was claimed by Dr. Torsten Schmidt while caught in an unexpected circumstance. Together with the famous engineering company, Geosurvey, they were set out to map the ocean floor in the Greenland Sea area for possible oil sites when they captured whale-like noises at 1000 meters below sea level. Since Dr. Schmidt is an accomplished Marine Geologist, it was very easy for him to rule out the differences between whales and other sea creatures, against mermaids. He immediately knew that this was a valid claim. Dr. Schmidt had proposed for GeoSurvey to sponsor further research about this discovery however was denied due to business concerns.

Up to this date, the doctor had continued with his research and produced a number of footage that were featured on Animal Planet.

Interesting? Absolutely!

What if you found out that mermaids were real?


Nikki  ❤

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