Behind the Seams. An indiscreet look at the mechanics of Fashion


Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the complex designs of lingerie. More than 200 exhibits from the XIV century to the present day, will be on display in the Louvre Museum until 24 November. Crinolines, panties, bras  wore by stylish and fashionable women for centuries to create the trendy silhouette of the era.

In earlier times shapewear enjoyed a great popularity, especially among the bourgeoisie, it was used to emphasize their social status. At the beginning of XX century designers Nicole Groult,Paul Poiret and Madeleine Vionnet decided to abandon the popular “hourglass” silhouette and have introduced the fashion for more free feminine forms, which were then picked up by Coco Chanel.

This exhibition, the first and only of its kind, opens the curtain and shows a completely different side of the story clothing and fashion, full of secrets and surprising revelations.

Visit Behind the Seams. An indiscreet look at the mechanics of Fashion from 4

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