10 Qualities Of A Desirable Man

James Michael Sama

In a society flooded with articles, social media updates, dating advice magazines, and hardly ever enough mental down-time to slow down and reset – we are left overloaded on information about “what to do,” but hardly enough insight on who to be.

Especially as men, all of the “advice” out there is how to talk to women, how to approach them, how to treat them – and you will find many of those articles on this website, as well. But regardless of what you do or what you say, the thing that will speak the loudest for the longest is who you are.

So when our goal is to become a man who women want to be around without persuasion, how do we approach it?



A desirable man is well-spoken.

One of the qualities I have worked the hardest to develop in myself is the ability to speak effectively…

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