5 Steps To Becoming More Charismatic

James Michael Sama

When it comes to dating, one of the more desirable qualities a man can possess is what most of us would call charisma. But charisma is more of an umbrella term that encompasses a collection of different habits and qualities, rather than just being a self-standing one on its own.

In our quest as men to develop into the best version of ourselves, charisma and likability plays a vital role in our social and professional success. Needless to say, a large area of this arena is dating and relationships.

So, with emphasis on this particular topic, how can we be sure others will use this word when describing us?


Become a great storyteller.

Do you ever find yourself telling someone a story or explaining a situation and you notice it looks like their eyes have glazed over and you’re not quite sure if they’ve actually fallen asleep? Anyone with this insecurity…

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