Irresistible Finds …



The Aphrodite  & The HipSkirt (worn as a head-wrap)

Our definition of ‘Feminine’, beautiful, intoxicating and uplifting,

Thank-you Brianna ~ Our beautiful model xo

Being a designer does not only mean having a pen and paper to draft your masterpiece or having a trusty sewing machine by your side at all times. Being a fashion designer also means connecting with individuals from different walks of life. These people make you who you are in the industry and that is why I see to it that I value them with the utmost care one can ever give.

My favorite story to tell about this design, though, is how it can be your best friend when you’re travelling by plane. Just pack this piece in a purse and when it gets cold, take it out and wrap it around you. When you finally get to your destination, put it on as a skirt before you alight, and voila! You’re a masterpiece that just happened!

 Of the many things that I like talking about when I am with my clients is how beautiful fabrics are. I adore Bamboo and as much as I appreciate the softness of this garment against my skin, I also enjoy talking about it and convincing people to love it the same way as I do. How do I introduce them to it? Simple! Let them touch the cloth itself!

 When people see how versatile Bamboo is, they are quite astonished. Who wouldn’t anyway? As soon as this piece of cloth is unpacked from your cramped up suitcase, just hang it for an hour and the wrinkles magically disappear! Abuse it, throw it in your washing machine, and I guarantee, the colors will remain as vibrant as before! Not to mention that this garment is already pre-shrunk so you can use hot or cold water, high or low dryer, and it will–get this–NEVER lose its stretch and will not bag out.

 What I love most about my clients is that they come in all shapes and sizes. The variety inspires me to come up with different designs!



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