The Solar Panel Jacket


When fashion meets technology, a beautiful union can happen. Such is the case with Tommy Hilfiger’s newest jacket. Appropriately named the “Solar Panel Jacket” The jacket include a removable solar pack that will change your mobile devices in your pocket. How is that for never loosing battery power! So how does it work? When the solar panels are attached to the jacket, it uses direct sunlight to store power; just like your traditional solar panel. The thing that impresses me most about this jacket is that it is actually very stylish. The solar panels look more like an expensive embellishment than a way to store power. This fancy new fashion frock will set you back $599, about $150 more than Hilfiger’s signature topcoats and peacoats. If you dwell in a major metropolitan area this coat is definitely worth the bang for the buck. Either way, it’s exciting to…

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