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Hidden Gems


Italy’s hidden gems……

Roaming the streets of Rome … found this quaint little restaurant. A quick glance would suggest that they are closed, yet inside it is filled with boisterous patrons enjoying their Sunday brunch. One never knows what will be found …  just around the corner …


Italian Leather 


Florence is known to have the best quality leather goods for sale at the best prices….

Be wary – some quality handbags sold at the markets are vinyl, imported from china.


How do you tell the difference?? 

Test it!  test to see if it’s real leather?  Pull out the lighter or match. Heat the bag. Vinyl will melt.  Ask the vendor to do the test … They are happy to do so. 

Love ­čĺŤ Nikki xoxo 

Love Nikki ­čîč

U Are Always With Me


Todd Babie


           March 21 ~ A Life Changing Day

                        I Love You Todd

                            I Miss You 

       I Often Wonder  If U Are Out There 

        Watching Us From Another World 


           The best and most beautiful things 

                in the world cannot be seen 

                          or even touched.

             they must be felt with the heart

                               – Helen Keller – 



Up-To-Date Elegance


            Up-To-Date-Elegance – Reawakened 

                       The photo created by 

                             Solve Sundsbo 

                         Italian Vogue 2011.

                                   I ­čĺŤ it!