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Comfortable yet alluring, the Maxi Mermaid Dress is the new must-have.
There is nothing more beautiful and mystifying than the intrigue behind the existence of Mermaids. This is the same feeling the Maxi Mermaid Dress projects.This seasonless number will bedazzle not only those who wear it, but also those who’s eye you catch. It is made from bamboo jersey. The Maxi-Mermaid is known for creating a slimming silhouette, outlining your curves and highlighting your confidence. No matter what height you are, you can adjust the Maxi Mermaid Dress to a longer or shorter length to suit you … How? Just cinch it all through the core and, voila, you look fabulous! Among this piece’s many mysteries is how it can transform to anything you wish to wear: whether you wear it with flip flops, stilettos, your pair of sexy boots, or even runners; layer it with a tee and tights; cinch it up high and create a tank and skirt Boho look; or if you own two of them you can wear them layered.

…the possibilities are endless!

 This dress sculpts the core and brings the goddess out in you!

If you are 4.8ft – 6.5ft, XS to Plus 3 this dress is for you!!

Ultra sheer…soft…and luxurious to the touch–the way the fabric moves freely with your body’s every movement is sophistication actualized!
The Maxi Mermaid Dress will emphasize the sexiness of you. Why not adorn it with godly bracelets and necklaces while finishing this baby off with a wild pair of boots or devilish stilettos?
Like all Nikki Babie Designs, the garment used for this clothing will fit like a second skin: made to highlight the natural curves of every woman! Soft & Luxurious fabric falls in flattering drapes and folds that move with you and show off your figure.
You will love the Mermaid Dress- it flatters what you want to flaunt and hides what you want to hide… And it’s ideal for savvy travelers, too! One thing you’re really going to love about our simplistic style is that it will take you from casual to formal, or even globetrotting.
Nikki Babies’ Collection is designed to be multi-functional and easy to wear.


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