At Nikki Babie
We love what we do and we do what we Love.
You are all a  part of our inspiration. ThankYOU!

It’s been a pleasure meeting you at the retail shows across Canada. Thankyou for your confidence in our line year after year. The shows are always a challenge and a phenomenal success. It has been a wonderful experience.

The “Big Announcement” is …
We are no longer attending Spring or Fall Retail Shows. Our product is  *ONLY *  available “online” or at one of our fashion show fundraising events.

The GREAT NEWS is…. we are offering heavily discounted show prices in our online boutique. You will no longer need to wait until one of the shows to $AVE. Purchase online at WHOLESALE pricing.

This allows us more time to source fabrics Internationally and focus solely on design, the future will bring a modern Bohemian vibe. Added to faultessly classic pieces, with a firm focus on luxurious materials. From cutting edge to classic, with an emphasis on wearability. At Nikki Babie designs you can continue to rely on desirable wardrobe-building basics that transition from season to season.
Thank you again,


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