Travel In Style – Go-Anywhere


Stylish and realistic looks to wear en-route. Fashionable outfits for planes, trains, automobiles, bikes, hikes and more …  And no matter how meticulously you pack your suitcase, how you expertly fold your items, and how impeccably your itinerary is planned, it all comes down to this: How are you getting there? And what are you wearing while you do it?

The Jupe de Vie (above photo) dress turns into a shoulder wrap, blanket or scarf in colder climates and air-conditioned locations, but most importantly, its the lightest, warmest blanket on a plane. I take 2 when I travel. One as a wrap, one for the legs. I can also casually toss the Jupe de Vie on as a scarf, skirt or dress (above photo) when it’s sweltering hot,  with my sneakers or sandals.

I always ensure I have my “Boyfriend Hoodie” it’s the sweater cozy enough to wear if I get chilly or to use as a pillow. Its my personal favorite Go-Anywhere item.

I’m traveling! I just want to be comfortable!

Bon voyage in comfort!!

Love Nikki



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