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Seasonless Brights


 Seasonless , Immediate, Personal, Colorful, Elegant, Comfortable,  Wrinkle-Free

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              Transitions From Day To Night 

                                 ūüĆü Nikki

Weekend Getaway

We’ve got you covered … 

Build your wardrobe with chic wrinkle-free bamboo Jersey essentials that transition from the beach to formal events.  

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Love ‚̧ԳŹ Nikki




This elegantly designed Tankachute Dress, is cut loose with an a-line flare.

It’s the perfect addition to the spring summer wardrobe.

It pairs with many items from our travel-wear collection.

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T R A N S I T I O N S   F R O M   D A Y   T O   E V E N I N G



Super comfortable & extremely versatile with a soft drape-over from the waist

to hem for a flowing silhouette. Over-sized tank is in line with chic style.

Add a colorful bandeau or lace bra for show & tell.


Add The Madagascar Reversible Split Top for coverage.

Pair with Bamboo Jersey Shaping Tights.


The Secret To Packing Light Is Versatility

Our Collection Is Essential For Travelers


Regardless of your height, and size, this style is perfect for hiding

when your feeling bloated.



What Is A Pre-Order ?

A pre-order allows our client to reserve their own personal item before the release,

It is an item of merchandise that is inline to be sewn.

Pre-ordered items are either being sewn, or next in line.

Our pre-order can take four to eight weeks and will be shipped at the date of completion.

Why so long ?

We take extreme care, we manufacture our product in Canada

using only the highest quality fabrics that are easy care to create

our elegant versatile travel-wear collection.

Love Nikki xo

Fear Of Fashion


Scrolling around on the internet searching for images under Nikki Babie, I came across our second website home page 2001.In the past 17 years, we have re-created our sites multiple times. I have lost count.

Our beautiful model РNellia- is wearing our classic mesh back tank & panel skirt.  We started using mesh in 1998 on most our designs. Its sexy, unique, and a tough fabric to destroy. We still mix it with almost everything in the collections today.


When the public first experienced mesh, some people loved it but most laughed at it and questioned why would we even think of using something see-through.

At first, I had hurt feelings, but hours after I overcome the resentments and realized that fear of insecurity stops people from trying new things. People are afraid of the new and how others react.

Life is about creating yourself and creating your own style. 

Cherish the things about YOU  that make YOU different.

Believe in yourself, and try everything you don’t like.

If it feels fabulous .. ¬†if the heart skips a beat ‚Ķ ¬†if the eyes sparkling, it’s for YOU.

Love Nikki xoxo

Boho Hippie Chic

Hippie Chic / Boho Chic is a style of fashion I love. It¬†is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. You know you are a true ¬†Hippie Chic ¬†at heart because your best-friend thinks you dress & eat ¬†like a “hippie”, ¬†your ex boyfriends think every dress you bought “looked like a sack”.

How to know you are Bohemian at heart?  You question the conventional, you express yourself openly, live in the now,  you love & respect nature.


Bohemians do what they want, live how they feel, love their freedom, creativity and change. And … we live from love.


Party In Style

nikki babie stripe athena top, dress


A –MUST-HAVE OF THE SEASON , accentuate¬†the beautiful YOU. ¬†The Athena transforms from day to evening. Just add earrings. Simplistic sophistication.


Oh What A Night ….


Our Designs 

Our Collection is designed on beautiful Vancouver Island in Victoria B.C. Canada.

Sexy, sophisticated, super soft, and versatile. Petite to Plus. Our fashions can be tweaked to travel from the gym to the workplace and cocktails in the evening. Each item can be wrapped, twisted, knotted and pinned in a variety of ways to create multiple looks. Ways you never imagined!!!  

They are the type of clothes others don’t & won’t have. Each garment is as unique as you. Five in one convertible tops, four on one dresses, fifteen in one skirts. 

Feminine & classic allowing you to show off a little skin without revealing too much. 

Feel flirtatious and look amazing. Check out our website