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Icy Flights

Nikki Babie

Do you freeze when you fly? Aisle seats are the coldest. Tip from experienced travellers visit


Pick the seat before you pick the flight.

Flight Tips:

Winter Socks

Flannel Shirt

Ski Jacket

Toque overtop Ball Cap

Blanket wrapped around legs

This is Me

Nikki BabieRome, Italy 🇮🇹

Those who know me know me well. I am a strong lady who has overcome battles most can’t even imagine. I love life 🌟

Women are even more powerful when they join together and make magic. Three of us are seeking a new joy, putting our energies and magnificent stories together and writing a novel about our lives. It feels as natural as breathing. It’s time for change!!



Nikki BabieRome Italy 🇮🇹

Make peace with where you are, satisfied with where I am, anticipating of something better.


The Witness

Nikki Babie

Be the witness within:

Breath control training will change your body and mind in remarkably positive ways. It will tune your nervous system and allow you to activate the parasympathetic or sympathetic nervous systems at will, helping you to perform in a stressful environment or to excel in competition.

Mark Divine,