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We ❤️ The Jupe De Vie 


The Versatile styles of the Jupe de Vie happened by accident during a photo shoot with photographer Alan Worsfold and our Model Camilla.

It was a cold day on the oceanfront with spectacular views. We could see the ocean from all angles of the deck. The house was 150 feet from the beach. This beautiful breezy hideaway is absolutely heavenly. 

Our model Camilla was chilled from the ocean breeze. We took the Jupe de Vie, which at that time was only used as a skirt, and flipped it over her head while Alan prepped the lighting. To my amazement, the skirt looked fabulous as a wrap over her shoulders. The girls at the boutique loved how it looked and their imaginations started to run wild. We have since discovered over 15 ways to wear it. Let your imagination be your guide.


Nikki xo

Travel In Style – Go-Anywhere



Stylish and realistic looks to wear en-route. Fashionable outfits for planes, trains, automobiles, bikes, hikes and more …  And no matter how meticulously you pack your suitcase, how you expertly fold your items, and how impeccably your itinerary is planned, it all comes down to this: How are you getting there? And what are you wearing while you do it?

The Jupe de Vie (above photo) dress turns into a shoulder wrap, blanket or scarf in colder climates and air-conditioned locations, but most importantly, its the lightest, warmest blanket on a plane. I take 2 when I travel. One as a wrap, one for the legs. I can also casually toss the Jupe de Vie on as a scarf, skirt or dress (above photo) when it’s sweltering hot,  with my sneakers or sandals.

I always ensure I have my “Boyfriend Hoodie” it’s the sweater cozy enough to wear if…

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As The Sun Sets

Sensational  Styles 

Striped Ninja SkirtPant, HipSkirt, and WebLace Tee 

               Sporty, Casual Comfort 

Love Nikki xo
Photo taken by Jacquline K Photography