Year after year our elegant, minimalist, and versatile line will make your travel excursions simple, effortless, and elegant. After much careful planning, all the pieces we create all tie into what you already possess or own in your wardrobe; you can mix and match them with what you already have for countless wardrobe possibilities, which saves you money in the long run!

Our clothes are available in all-around sizes – from petite to regular to plus sizes. We have carefully curated and customized each of our designs and styled them to accentuate your curves, highlight the best features of your body, while at the same time keep the problematic areas far from the public’s eye. Our clothes gently sculpts & falls off your curves without showing what you don’t want to show. Each garment is designed to shape, hide, tuck, heighten, and slim down your figure. We’ll guarantee you’ll be tossing that shaper out in no time; after all, our clothing naturally shapes you without the uncomfortable restrictions that a regular shaper gives. What more can you possibly look for in clothes?

After a long day at work, unwinding with a couple of drinks at a bar or a crazy night in town sounds just about right. Be prepared for anything by having the VoodoKini or Jupe de Vie or Aphrodite conveniently lying around – you can never go wrong with wearing any of these timeless pieces, especially when paired with a gorgeous pair of Manolo Blahnik stilettos.

We are classic – simple – sophisticated – stylish – sexy.



Nikki ♥


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